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Heeleys Consulting

Heeleys Consulting is a small Australian consultancy specialising in two main areas:

Rural and agricultural services

Engineering services


Rural and agricultural services
Kate and Peter operate a working mixed farming enterprise in the Monaro region of NSW.

Beef cattle are raised for commercial sale based on the ever popular black Angus breed. Cows are Angus and are mated with a top quality Santa Gertrudis bull to ensure “hybrid vigour”. All stock are selected for their temperament and as a result the progeny are all extremely easy to manage and handle.

Sheep are fine wool Merino which are very popular on the Monaro. A range of management techniques including holistic management have been studied.

Kate manages the livestock operations and can be contacted via email on kate@heeleys.com.au

Engineering Services
Peter is an engineer with over 30 years experience in the utility industry. Working in pollution control and waste management within coal fired power stations, he has consulted extensively around the world and authored many papers in this field. Now an independent consultant, he specialises in air pollution control equipment including fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators. Another speciality is the utilisation of the ash collected by this equipment. A particular interest is the potential benefits of the use of ash in agriculture.

He is a Life Member and former Chairman of the Board of the Ash Development Association of Australia, the industry body that researches and promotes the beneficial use of ash.

An additional area of expertise is that of design, development and operations of whitewater canoe course facilities. He was the designer and Project Director for the Penrith Whitewater Stadium project, the venue for canoe slalom competitions at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Subsequently he has consulted on a number of similar projects around the world. including the Beijing Olympic Aquatic Park, and London’s 2012 Olympic venue. Most recently he designed the channels and pumping systems for the Wadi Adventure project in the United Arab Emirates. More information on these projects is available via email at peter@heeleys.com.au . Peter’s cell phone number is +61 407 327 178.

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