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Whitewater canoe Facilities
One of Peter’s most recognisable projects is the Penrith Whitewater Stadium - the venue for the Canoe Kayak events at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Peter designed the venue and was Project Director for the duration of its construction. Without his creative design and innovation the sport would not have been re-instated to the Games, from which it had been dropped because of the perceived expense of the venue.

Peter was subsequently involved in the master planning of the Beijing Olympic venue, and completed the design for the London 2012 Olympics Kayaking venue. His most recent project is the Wadi Adventure facility in the United Arab Emirates. This is the worlds largest whitewater venue, having 3 separate channels totaling 1133 metres in length  

2nd bridge shot Penrith
ash finished products silo

Fly Ash Handling and Utilisation
Peter has worked in the field of power station waste (ash) utilisation for over 25 years. He has managed a large number of beneficial re-use projects in NSW and Qld. With time spent as the Chairman of the Ash Development Association of Australia he greatly influenced the national research effort into these materials. He has also consulted widely in this area in Australia and SE Asia.

He co-authored the sold out first edition Handbook on the Utilisation of Coal Combustion Products in Australia, published by the CRC for Coal and Sustainable Development in 2008. The revised and updated second edition was published in 2014, and is available for purchase from the Ash Development Association of Australia.

Coal Fired Power Station Air Pollution Control
Peter has worked in the field of air pollution control for over 20 years. This work has been principally within the NSW and Qld power industries. He has also consulted in the US, South Africa and very extensively in China in this area. He has been a key player in a number of the world’s largest air pollution control hardware upgrades over this period.

Of particular note is his key role in the introduction of improved pollution control technologies within China. Peter had a pivotal role in the design and construction of China’s first large utility fabric filter on a new power station in Inner Mongolia. Subsequently he worked in Zhengzhou on the first major retrofit into an existing power plant. The figure to the right demonstrates the impact of that improved technology - the boiler feeding the left hand chimney has been fitted with a fabric filter while the right hand chimney has not.

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